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William Cruz Ruiz Puerto Rico







William Cruz Ruiz is a multi-genre bass player, composer, educator, music producer, visual artist and one of the most versatile bass player in Puerto Rico, known for his with unique style. He was born in 1984 in Carolina, Puerto Rico where he studied jazz and Afro Caribbean Music at the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico. He has played in various festivals with renowned artists and in local intimate environments in Puerto Rico and in USA. Acquainted to these festivals, he attracted collaborations with international artists as a freelance bass player. During his career, he worked in children’s education teaching guitar, bass, piano and drum. William is a freelance bass player, with great attributes and techniques that make him create dynamic improvisations during performances and recording studio sessions. William’s last project is SACH, an enticing duo of bass and drum that fuses funk, electronic and jazzfusion music. William is SACH’s leader, founder, composer and six-string bassist, where he aims to combine minimalism and Caribbean dance rhythms in the improvisation scheme.