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BlackSmith releases premium quality Ukulele strings

Nickname : BlackSmith   Date : 2016-06-28 Page View : 1308

BlackSmith has announced their new Ukulele string sets, Whitegut & Blackgut.


Developed in cooperation with Aquila, BlackSmith Whitegut Ukulele strings are a unique combination of the finest materials available, designed to deliver the perfect harmony of warm, bright and dynamic tone, while providing the consistency, accurate intonation, and tuning stability players need.


We proudly recommend our ukulele strings for players who are looking to get the most from their instrument, with increased sustain, playability, and unmatched tone.



WG-25S (Soprano)

WG-26C (Concert)

WG-28T (Tenor)



BG-25S (Soprano)

BG-26C (Concert)

BG-28T (Tenor)

Available June 15, 2016, 

Soprano & Concert string sets retails for $8.60 

Tenor string sets retails for $9.40


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