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BlackSmith has been trusted with producing the world’s highest quality fret wire since 1984.
Our prestigious clients include industry leaders such as Gibson, Fender, Ibanez, Yamaha, Larrivee, Godin, Jackson, Charvel, ESP, Schecter, Samick, Cort, and many more!  After many successful years in the fret wire business, we decided to take the same precision manufacturing concepts to create a line of high quality, but affordable, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and electric bass strings. 

Blacksmith strings are currently available in over 20 countries around the world and are now available in North America!!

Each Blacksmith string is is the result of years of engineering and professional player testing.  They are precision engineered to exacting specifications using the highest quality USA-made steel, nickel, and bronze materials, then vacuum packed on our patented anti-kink string cards.

Our Engineering team began with researching other string manufacturing techniques – both machine and hand wound – collecting data and analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the strings coming off these machines.  After a complete review of today’s most popular brands, we went to work on custom designing our proprietary computer controlled servo-drive machines that virtually eliminate core wire vibration during the winding process.  This enables BlackSmith

to produce wound acoustic, bass, and electric guitar strings with unparalleled consistency in feel and tension, along with providing accurate intonation and tuning stability.  Our acoustic and electric guitar sets combine these exceptional wound strings with our sub-zero treated plain steel strings, resulting in a more balanced feel and tone across the entire set of strings.​

For players looking for extended durability and string life, but with the same feel and tone of non-coated strings, we developed our exclusive Nano-Carbon shield strings.  Regular non-coated electric, acoustic and bass guitar strings are typically damaged by dirt, debris, moisture and skin particles. These particles attach to the windings as you play, contaminating your strings, weakening your tone, and reducing string life.  BlackSmith’s Nano-Carbon shield acts as a physical barrier between the string and these damaging contaminants – but offers the brighter tone and feel of non-coated strings. In addition to longer string life, BlackSmith's Nano-Carbon shield reduces fret wear and does not flake off like other string coatings.  For you bass players, our Nano-Carbon shield does not block string conductivity (string ground) like other coated string brands!!!

BlackSmith’s unrivaled combination of world class materials, innovative engineering, cutting edge custom manufacturing technology, and patented packaging provide discriminating players of all levels the ultimate in tone, playability, intonation, sustain, and tuning stability – all at an unbeatable price!!

​We encourage you to try a set of BlackSmith strings and prepare to be impressed!!  Welcome to your new favorite brand of strings!!

Thank you, ​
​The BlackSmith Team

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