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BR-1152-3P, Custom Light (011 - 052)
Tension Chart
Note. Code. Diameter inches(mm) Tension lbs(kg)
6:E BW052 .052 (1.3208) 23.59 (10.7002)
5:A BW042 .042 (1.0668) 27.45 (12.4511)
4:D BW032 .032 (0.8128) 29.10 (13.1995)
3:G BW022 .022 (0.5588) 24.69 (11.1992)
2:B RD015 .015 (0.3810) 20.48 (9.2896)
1:E RD011 .011 (0.2794) 19.62 (8.8995)
lbs Total = 144.93 kg Total = 65.7391

80/20 Bronze Acoustic Strings

BlackSmith acoustic guitar strings are made with the finest materials and manufactured using state-of-the-art automatic servo controlled winding equipment. USA made 80/20 bronze and steel ensures a long lasting string with increased sustain and extra-bright tone.

Our proprietary computer controlled winding technology produces strings with a very consistent wrap surface and even tension, resulting in stable tuning, accurate intonation, and superior playability.

Sub-Zero treated plain steel strings offer brilliant tone with a silky feel. With BlackSmith acoustic guitar strings, you will experience the perfect balance of consistency, tone, and playability. Vacuum Sealed in Patented Anti Kink Packaging Prevents Oxidation and String Damage.

3 Set Value Pack Light of our BR-1152 - Includes three sets of BR-1152, along with two extra 1st strings and a BlackSmith sticker!!

BlackSmith original "hybrid gauge" 80/20 Bronze acoustic set, for players who want a bright tone in a comfortable combination of gauges that offers the depth and projection of light gauge bottom strings, but slightly less tension on the plain strings for easy bending.